Meet Our Leaders

LeRoy Stokes Sr

Leroy Stokes Sr.


Leroy Stokes Sr. is the Executive Administrator of Destiny.  He is often referred to as “Dad” by many members of the church because of his relationship to Pastor Lee Stokes. Mr. Stokes has held leadership positions throughout his careers in industry and college administration.  He feels extremely blessed to have this opportunity to work closely with his two sons in this great ministry.  He plans to use his leadership skills and experiences to help the church grow and advance the grace message across the country and to the world.  As Executive Administrator, Mr. Stokes has overall responsibility for the non-ministry operations of the church.

Al and Karetha Hargrove

Al & Karetha Hargrove

Ordained Ministry Leaders

Alphonso Hargrove, better known as Al, is the Minister of Music at Destiny where he works with anointed, dedicated singers such as his loving wife Karetha and musicians who endeavor to spread the message of God’s unending, never failing love and amazing grace through praise and worship.


Benita Mercer

Ordained Ministry Leader

Benita Mercer is responsible for leading and training Pastor Shonia’s Armourbearers. She is very committed to her role and she serves in an effort to assure that Pastor Shonia is shown love at all times, that she is covered by prayer, and that she is encouraged, and protected. Benita is very passionate about God’s word and the people of God. Her motto is “always serve as unto the Lord.”


Bobbie & Inda Chavis

Associate Pastors / (Staff)

Inda Chavis serves as the Executive Assistant to Sr. Pastors Lee & Shonia Stokes. She and her husband Bobbie both serve as Associate Pastors on the Pastoral Team. Inda and Bobbie has also served as armor bearers, choir members, and on the prayer team ministry before Inda came on staff in 2006.

Don and Antoinette Booker

Don & Antionette Booker

Ordained Ministry Leaders

Don and Antionette Booker have been faithful members of Destiny for more than seven years. Together, the Booker’s are involved in various ministries within the church. Don serves as an Armor Bearer to Pastor Lee Stokes and is also an Assistant Safety Team Leader. Antionette works diligently as a member of the Consolidation Team and is a vital part of the Special Events Ministry. Both Don and Antionette are ordained Deacons


Eugene and Donya Grant

Eugene & Donya Grant

Youth Pastors

Together, the Grants lead the youth ministry here at Destiny which caters to middle school students (7th-8th grade) and high school students. Meeting weekly on Wednesday evenings for bible study and every 2nd and 4th Sunday for SWAG Café, the youth ministry strives to impact the current generation in a dynamic way by bringing a fresh Word and revelation for our young people to apply in their lives.

Joe and Rhonda Frazier

Joe & Rhonda Frazier

Associate Pastors

Elders Joe and Rhonda Frazier became members of Destiny in 2001. Joe and Rhonda have been technology entrepreneurs since 1991, just one year after their marriage. Jesus Christ being at the center of family life has not only been important, it has been essential. Joe and Rhonda’s background in ministry includes being youth ministers and praise and worship leaders. After spending years working in a great “Word of Faith” ministry, in 2000 the Fraziers felt led to seek something more. Joe and Rhonda’s purpose and destiny began to become even clearer as a result of becoming members of the church. Joe and Rhonda’s family flourished under the ministry of Pastor’s Lee and Shonia Stokes. They were challenged to dream bigger, reach higher, to dig even deeper into the Word of God. After years of service in lay ministry and leadership, Joe and Rhonda Frazier were ordained as Elders at Destiny. Elders are leaders in the church that provide insight, recommendations and consulting on general, organizational and spiritual matters.

Destiny Media Director

Maurice Stokes

Pastor / Media dTeam Leader / Staff

Maurice has served faithfully since the establishment of Destiny. He serves as Media Team Leader, Full-time Staff over Media and Production, and is a Pastor of Inner Healing Ministry.


Brandon & Janiya Williams


Brandon and Janiya Williams serve as the Young Adult Ministry Leaders for Destiny (ages 18-30.) Our mission is to transform young adults by renewing their minds through the message of grace, to erase worldly thinking and increase their faith in God, to introduce and develop relationships with the Holy Spirit, and to cultivate fellowship within the body of the church. They become a couple after Destiny’s annual Singles Summit in 2009 and joined the church shortly thereafter. The goal of their ministry is to provide a safe place to discuss real life issues where understanding, guidance, and love are available for these young adults.  “And do not be conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2a (NKJV)

David and Tina Wright

David & Tina Wright

Deacons / Staff

David & Tina are excited about Pastors Stokes teaching of the word and the vision for Destiny. They are honored to be Deacons and look forward to being active in the community to provide assistance to the homeless, the hungry, and the disadvantage.

Ora Frazier

Ora Frazier

Golden Seniors Dteam Leader
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Katrina Williamson

Pastor/Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Katrina or “Pastor Kat” as she is lovingly called has been a member of Destiny 6 months after the ministry started. She has a passion for children and youth and has served in the children’s ministry as a founding member and currently. Pastor Kat is currently the Director of Children and Youth Ministries, serving those 6wks-18 yrs. She is a firm believer in Proverbs 22:6 additionally, her motto is: “I’m going to let you do you for me.” She believes that people can be their best for others by simply being them-self.

Anne-Marie Castillo

Anne-Marie Castillo

VIP Team & Girl Time - dTeam Leader

Anne-Marie Castillo has been a member of Destiny for 8 years.

Leader of VIP Team – The VIP team specifically greets and welcomes our first time guests or VIP’s.  We never want someone to visit our church and leave feeling as if they were not welcomed.  Our desire is to show God’s Love as we welcome our VIP’s

Leader of Girl Time – Girl Time is Destiny’s women’s ministry.  Women tend to nurture everyone else but ourselves.  Every other month the ladies assemble for fellowship, the Word, exercise or relaxation.  It’s our special Girl Time.

Alicia Diggs

Alicia Diggs

Outreach Ministry - dTeam Leader

Alicia Diggs leads the Outreach Ministry and also serves in the following areas: Destinations Bookstore, Special Events Ministry, Girl Time, and Inner Healing. The mission of the Outreach Ministry is to serve the community as a whole by ministering God’s word through the serving of meals to the homeless at Weaver House, praying for those who have a request and need for prayer, as well as being a representative of Christ through love

Audrey Harris

Audrey Harris

C.A.R.E - dTeam Leader

Audrey Harris is the D-Team Leader who oversees the C.A.R.E. (Christians Anointed to Respond and Encourage) Ministry. Audrey joined Destiny over 9 years ago and is actively involved in numerous ministry areas where she sows her time and talents. As a member of the Healthcare Response Team, Greeters Ministry, Outreach Ministry, and Special Events Team, Audrey serves our church with great purpose and passion.

David White

David White

Parking Lot - dTeam Leader

David White leads the Parking Lot Ministry of Destiny. In this position, David is able to assist countless individuals who attend our services. He enjoys sowing seeds of kindness and generosity, especially to guests who are visiting Destiny for the first time. In addition to leading the Parking Lot Ministry, David also serves as a member of the Courtesy Team.

Linease Washington

Linease Washington

Special Events - dTeam Leader

If there’s a special event happening at Destiny, Linease Washington and her team will be there to make sure that the event is fun filled and executed in excellence! Linease joined Destiny in 2009, she began hearing about God’s grace and his love for her and she wanted to get involved and serve in an area that she was passionate about. Today, she leads the Special Event Ministry and believes “there is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven—Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NASB)”. Mrs. Washington also serves as Captain of the Greeters Ministry and as a Deaconess. She says, “Joining Destiny and understanding God’s unmerited favor has totally changed her life”.

Donnell Seyni

Donnell Seyni

Inner Healing - dTeam Leader

Donnell is the leader of Destiny”s Inner Healing Team. “I am honored to lead the Inner Healing Ministry having served in many of other wonderful areas; I have found my home/passion with Inner Healing!” Inner Healing is one’s spiritual journey in practice as it facilitates a Grace atmosphere sensitive to worldly challenges all of which were overcome by Jesus!

Ernest Reynolds

Ernest Reynolds

IT & Communications - dTeam Leader

Ernest has been a member of Destiny since 2008 after joining at the Winston-Salem location. He began working with the media team on until that service location ended in 2009. In 2012 Ernest became the IT and Communications Team Leader.

Demetria Brown

Demetria Brown

Housekeeping - dTeam Leader

Demetria leads the Housekeeping Ministry of Destiny. Demetria openly accepted this appointment because of her passion for cleanliness. Demetria finds cleaning to be both captivating and invigorating. Furthermore, cleaning is self-rewarding to Demetria anytime she can transform an unclean space to a clean space. In addition to leading Destiny’s Housekeeping Ministry, Demetria serves in the Children’s Area, as well as, on Destiny’s Volunteer Coordinator committee.

Phyllis Ottley

Phyllis Ottley

Administrative - dTeam Leader

Phyllis serves as the Administrative/Office Support Leader. She provides office support for the staff in a variety of ways from answering telephones, making copies, distributing large mailings, as well as consolidating membership records into the church database. Phyllis also organizes Lift Off classes and serves as a Volunteer Coordinator which ensures that all new and prospective members get connected to the vision of Destiny.

Wanda Southeraland

Wanda Southeraland

Consolidation - dTeam Leader

Wanda Southeraland is the leader of the Consolidation Ministry, a member of the Special Events Commettee, Care Ministry, and helps with the Weaver House Team feeding the homeless.

Janet Boykins

Janet Boykins

Bookstore - dTeam Leader

Janet Boykins serves as the leader of the Bookstore Team. She helps provide guidance to those who desire to further their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word delivered by our Pastors through the sales of CD’s, books and other ministry items. Janet has been a member of Destiny since 2004 also serves on the Housekeeping team.

Ronald Wilson Sr.

Ronald Wilson Sr.

Men's Ministry Leader

Ronald Wilson Sr.  better known as Ron, serves as Leader of the Men’s Ministry.  Ron is also a Captain of the Greeters Ministry and a member of the Golden Seniors.  Ron along with his wife Deborah relocated from Cincinnati, Ohio and joined Destiny in 2012.

Ron Beck

Ron Beck

Maintenance dTeam Leader
Tonya Harmon - Destiny Dance Ministry Leader

Tonya Harmon

Destiny Dance Ministry Leader
Terri Watson

Terri Watson

Heir Force - dTeam Leader

Terri Watson has been a member of Destiny since 2007. She has been working in the children’s ministry since 2008 and now she is the Heir Force Leader over middle school children inspiring them with God’s love. Terri also volunteers as a Greeter, on the Care Team, and with Special Events.

Gareth Washington

Gareth Washington

Ushers - dTeam Leader

Gareth leads the Usher Ministry and serves in the Men’s Ministry. The work of the church ushers is undergirded by scripture found in Psalms 84:10 – “For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Ushers are often the first voice and interaction visitors experience at a church. They are responsible for bringing comfort, compassion and the spirit of God’s blessings to all who enter the church doors. Their overall mission is to be of service to the church family when needed in order to further the Lord’s message of loving one another even as God has loved us.

Keith and Raye Bartell

Keith & Rae Bartell

Worship & Praise Pastors

Keith serves diligently on the Praise and Worship Team at Destiny. As a worship leader, Keith leads the congregation in praise and worship before every service. Keith utilizes his musical talents and gifts to set the atmosphere for praise while ushering in the presence of the Holy Spirit. He and his wife, Rae, are also ordained Pastors within the church.